2921 N. 1st Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85719

Voice: 520-623-3861
Facsimile: 520-624-0326
Web: www.cstoneindustries.com

Mon – Fri: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat: 8 am – 2 pm
Sun: Closed

Spring Home Show

We were so excited when the judges gave us this gem, you can imagine how surprised and happy we were to get the ribbon.
This was our very first show!!! If you are wondering what the different materials are, scroll down to the photo map below.


An even closer look
from left to right.

Silver travertine flooring,
peach travertine flooring,
a pony wall of
california gold veneer panels
with flagstone wall caping,
fossil rustic slate flooring,
california gold slate flooring,
porchini travertine landscape pavers,
flagstone patio by numbers,
greyish black mexican beach pebbles
and a border of
fat free multi-color
jelly beans mmmmm yummy!!!


On the left is a 40 million
year old basalt fountain block.

On the right we have a 40 million
year old basalt landscape light,
can you believe after all those years
the bulb is still working just fine??

Fall Home Show

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are two for two right in a row, two shows under the belt and two ribbons. Could life get any sweeter than that???


On the left are the three sizes that the
basalt landscape lights are available in.
The choices are small, medium and tall.
To the right of the three basalt lights
is an example of our stone ballustrades,
which can also be used to make
a handsome table out of.

Bottom left are the basalt landscape
lights again and also some
petrified wood. And last but not
least, did you see santa when you
came to our booth??

Take a look at the picture on the bottom
right and you should see his profile.

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