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Fire Pit, Landscape, Fireplace & Multipurpose Glass



 In an era of extreme home makeovers, nothing revitalizes old, dingy fireplaces and outdoor fire pits like glass. Available in a customizable array of colors, it is the ideal replacement for outdated lava rock and ceramic logs, burning with natural gas cleanly and consistently well below its softening point. Custom homes, restaurants, and world-class resorts have all utilized glass in their fireplaces and fire pits. And now you can achieve this stunning and intriguing look.

Gone are the days of bark mulch, stone groundcover, and earth tone colored rocks. From dry riverbeds and fountain accents, to flagstone fillers and rock gardens, the rainbow of colors available in glass is unprecedented in landscaping applications. Because it’s tumbled, the glass won’t cut. Because it’s 100% recycled, the glass is environmentally friendly. And because it’s colorful, the glass will allow your landscape project to take on a striking life of its own.

Coming Soon: Gabion Coming Soon: Gabion
 Coming Soon: Gabion

Fire Pit, Fireplace & Landscape Glass Colors

Black   Blue    Gray

 Crystal Clear
 Crystal Amber
Crystal Blue 

 Crystal Green
 Crystal Teal
 Crystal Turquoise
 Caribbean Mix
Confetti Mix 
 Forrest Mix
Jewel Mix
 River Mix
 Sunshine Mix
Red Wine
Orange   Yellow
 Reflective Blue
Reflective Bronze 
Reflective Clear
 Reflective Copper
Reflective Gray   Reflective Green
Aquarium, Flower Arranging, Bean & Pebble Glass


In today's
fast paced world with so many obligations weighing upon us, what we need is something that is easy to take care of, pleasing and beautiful to the eye.
Our glass assortment is clean, ageless, easy and there are so many colors to choose from. Glass Pebbles provide the tones of underwater shadows and the perception of depth and calm that we need in our life.

 Our glass makes a perfect replacement for drab ordinary gravel, these glass pieces are smoothed by our tumbling process. The glass is an experience of a lifetime for your fish... they will love you for providing a safe, colorful, and fun place to swim and they will enjoy a nice cushy lifestyle, your fish will believe that they are living the story book life of the rich and famous. The benefits are endless when it comes to having the favorable bacteria that becomes the haven of a healthy aquarium. Your fish will love the translucent colors of the glass. You can use Aquarium Pebble, Landscape and Terrazzo Sized Glass for your tranquil fish haven.

With such a versatile material; you can introduce exciting colors, texture and creativity to your interior design. The glass will retain its color and does not degrade like so many other materials. Having such an array of almost endless colors makes it possible to match your beautiful floral displays and table adornments to any home or office decor. Add the exclusive elegance of tasteful glass pebbles to your unique creations with our broad assortment of glass nuggets that are available in scores of shapes, surfaces and sizes.

Our yummy "Jelly Bean" and exquisite Pebble Glass is versatile for use in areas more demanding of something smaller and essentially more consistent. The look and feel of this product is something that you just have to get your hands on... believe me, you will fall hopelessly in love with them. Often these are good for interior uses that are more prone to close-up scrutiny such as flower arrangements, table decorations, fish aquariums and even just loose glass stones laying randomly on a counter top or table display. They are even small enough to carry in your pocket as a good luck charm. So... I invite you to come and take a look, I know your favorite color is just waiting on you and wanting you to give them a new home.

Aquarium, Flower Arranging, Bean & Pebble Glass Colors

 Azure Mist
Black Licorice
 Blue Raspberry
Blueberry  Concord Grape
Cotton Candy
 Glacier Ice
Green Apple
Herbal Tea   Pineapple
Iridescent Black Licorice
Iridescent Blue Raspberry
Iridescent Blueberry
 Iridescent Cotton Candy

Iridescent Glacier Ice
 Iridescent Pineapple
 Iridescent Rootbeer
 Iridescent Strawberry
Countertops, Swimming Pools & Terrazzo Glass

Recycled glass introduces a whole new world, it introduces magnificent colors and depth which simply entrances one as you sit at the counter mesmerized by the transformation of light and color. Exquisite and at the same time exotic, Terrazzo Glass introduces the richness of variety and spice to a countertop for your next remodeling project. Each creation is a masterpiece in design with a hint of creativity and carries with it the exhilaration and wonder that every piece is unique... no two countertops are alike.

As you sit by your swimming pool, the light playfully dancing on the many different colors inlaid in your oasis... your tranquil spot in the world. You become mesmerized by the clarity and peacefulness of your surroundings and how life just dances and sparkles with the "bling" that is embedded within the cooling waters. Life just got a little better for you and you love it. If you are in the process of designing your backyard and whatever theme that you have in mind for your backyard oasis... we have a glass color that will add to your dreamscape.

In ancient days, terrazzo was the process of embedding marble chips into tinted cement and then they would grind and polish the slab to a smooth sheen. In the modern times we have tweaked the process a bit by embedding colorful, amazing pieces of recycled glass into the mix. Feeling a little on the exotic side... why not add some Mother of Pearl chips??

Countertops, Swimming Pools & Terrazzo Glass Colors

All-Sided Mirror
 Crystal Clear
Dark Blue

Light Blue  Earthtone
Dark Green
Light Green
Mother of Pearl
Pink Champagne
Flat Orange
Flat Red
 Flat Yellow
Chunky Orange   Chunky Red
Chunky Yellow
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