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Basalt Landscape Lights

The basalt landscape lights are easy to install and are approximately five to six inches in diameter and have varying heights. The small light measures 12-16" in height, the medium light measures 16-22" in height and the tall light measures 22-28" in height.

The lights start out as landscape columns, each one is cored and cut and then polished where the bulb will be reflecting it's light. The two pieces of basalt are then fitted with two brass rings and five small individual glass lenses. The bulb is easily changed by just screwing the top of the light off and popping a new bulb in the old bulbs place.

These lights will accept bulbs ranging from 4 to 18 watts, each light comes with an 11 watt bulb and emits about an eight foot circle of light. The only extras that you will have to buy will be the transformer and trunk line cable. These lights are 12V - low voltage landscape lighting and are magnificent.

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