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Basalt History

This unusual stone formed from cooling lavas that flowed onto the Okanogan Highlands region of Washington State 40 million years ago. As the cooling mass of molten rock settled and crystallized, it cracked like roughly handled porcelain, thus forming the slender and elegant spires found today in these outcrops. In the final stage of this volcanic saga, mineralizing fluids seeped upwards along cracks in the earth, carrying gold and silver to the many mines of the region. Rising through the surrounding rock strata, these solutions deposited richly colored oxides on the joints of the stones to tell of their passing.

Today, etched upon the surfaces of each beautiful colored basalt column, we find the markings, which chronicle an extraordinary geologic journey from the fiery throat of a volcano, to the tranquility of your garden and home.

Two design elements set these columns apart:

  1. Vertical Impact: Few landscape stones stand up - unless you have a heavy piece of equipment handy. Yet, a thirty-inch basalt column weighs little more than thirty pounds and imparts a far greater presence than ordinary placement boulders, at a fraction of the installed cost.
  2. Versatility: As singles, triplets, groups, or monumental size blocks, these columns compliment a diverse range of exterior and interior stone features. Imagination being the principal limitation to application.

Spectacular blocks of these small columns are also available. They range from small one-person placement pieces to monumental multi-ton stones that are spectacular and serve as great focal points for large water or hard scape projects. Additionally, an ever-growing range of cut and polished products suitable for a wide range of environments is offered.

These columns are as much beautiful as they are affordable, be the first in your neighborhood to own such a unique and beautiful piece of history.

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